Supported Accommodation

We provide Supported Accommodation for care leavers aged 16 to 18.
We will extend our services beyond 18 by agreement with the placing authority.
We want our service to deliver hope and optimism for all young people who we work with. Integrating them into society and building their independence and self reliance. So that they have the opportunity to be healthy, happy and prosper.
We will help to build community development networks and support around each young person. We will tailor the support to the individual young person.
We will initially provide intensive support early on and gradually taper it off as the young person makes progress with their independent living skills.
We will promote and encourage independence in all of our intervention and in every element of our service provision and design.
Our clients will be able to access our service 24/7 there will be differing elements of what will be available at various times of the day.
Each client will have a named key worker that will support them until the individual’s needs are met. This will help to build trust and reduce any distress caused by the move to the new placement.
We will provide information, guidance and advice to all of our clients and our service will provide equal access to all clients irrespective of their age, disability, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation.