SAAIL aims to ensure that all of our clients become healthier and more independent by the time they leave our service.
SAAIL would hope that all of our clients are able to access good jobs, feel the benefit of economic growth, feel safer, happier and more supported in the local community. We will help our clients to become tenancy ready by the time they move into their own tenancy.
We have organised our service so that it is outcome driven, with the aim of supporting the development of greater integration and independence for service users. SAAIL will ensure that each service user’s experience is welcoming and supportive.
We will use 5 categories to measure this area of our work.
Placement stability
Reduction in support verses increase in support
Young person in education, training or employment.
Building relationships with staff, social workers and family members.
Becoming tenancy ready.
We will measure these areas of our service delivery each quarter.