About us

About Us

Typically, our provisions are staffed from 5.00pm until 9.00am, 7 days each week. In addition, all young people will be given a telephone numbers so that they can contact staff outside of these times. During the day we will provide support to young people so that they can complete a specific task with a support worker.

We employ a dedicated staff team, from various disciplines. Qualified Social Workers x 4, graduate’s x 2 and NVQ level 4 Care Manager.

All of our staff are required to complete training on NMS, National Standards for the Supervision of Offenders in the Community, Safe guarding, Child Protection, PACE 1984, Crime and Disorder Act 1998, Sect 117 Mental health Ac 1993.

The above training underpins and is in addition to the experience that our staff team brings to the role.

SAAIL has been operating for 10 years. We provide flats and houses that are staffed in different ways within the community. We have a proven track record of successfully moving young people on to independence.

We don’t unfairly discriminate or label young people as being incapable of improving their life choices.

We recognise that young people do have complex needs and many have had a difficult past but we believe that when a young person matures they begin the process of change and we will support a young person as they make the necessary adjustments needed to live independently.


The cost of a placement will vary depending on the level of support required by the young person. Personal allowance is invoiced separately. NB There is a separate price structure for clients placed inside the London boroughs

Communication with you.

We will provide you with a comprehensive monthly progress report. An anonymised update email will be sent to the allocated Social Worker each week. You can call our office or email us and you are always welcome to call into the facility to meet your client at a time to suit yourself.

House Rules

Our house rules are based on an actual tenancy agreement. The house rules reflect the type of tenancy agreement that the young person will be subject to when they leave SAAIL. So if a young person is able to adhere to our house rules more than likely they wont jeopardise their tenancy agreement post 18. The main rules that we emphasise to our young people is our ‘No smoking Policy’ and ‘No friend’s policy’ (inside the facility). Parents and family members are always welcome to visit.

We offer two levels of support

Medium tier.

Staff will sleep at the placement up to 4 nights each week with a view to us gradually stepping down the support as the young person progresses.

High tier.

We will staff the placement 24/7 with staff taking breaks as appropriate. This type of support is likely to suit those clients who require more intensive supervision and support typically due to a combination of offending behaviour and immaturity. We will nevertheless aim to work with the stakeholders to move a young person from the higher tier towards medium tier as this will indicative of progress within the placement and conversely a price reduction will apply.

Statement of purpose.

Our aim is to help young people who are from the health and social care sector, to make the transition from being ‘looked after’ towards full independence. We provide packages of support and not care. We provide planned none emergency placements.

We would expect any young person placed with us to have a reasonable level of understanding to enable them to learn and gain with support the skills required to live independently. We will always reassess young people’s skills ability when they are placed, so that we can determine how best we can work with them.